About Us

HERO USA is a Columbus-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, devoted to making a difference for children in the community who are facing social, physical, and economical obstacles. We partner with community organizations and provide disadvantaged youth the opportunity to learn basic skills and safe practices for participating in various recreational sports such as kayaking, canoeing, paddle boarding, skateboarding, wake boarding, snowboarding and skiing, thus enhancing their quality of life. We do this to provide a safe, sanctioned place for kids to exercise, socialize, and develop lifelong skills.

There are several barriers limiting access to outdoor recreational and adventure sports training for under-resourced youth. HERO USA breaks down these barriers by creating educational opportunities that kids might otherwise not have access to and provide the chance to build confidence all while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle.

As a nonprofit organization, HERO USA relies heavily on fundraising efforts of its members and the community to fund the activities and programs we offer. At HERO USA, we seek to forge relationships with other community organizations to combine fundraising and philanthropic efforts truly creating a win/win for the organizations and our community.

In order to achieve our goals, HERO USA will need volunteer support from the community. We are looking for supporters who are interested in becoming involved as a volunteer mentor, teacher, or chaperone for our youth based educational sport programs. Whether you are an expert in a certain sport, or if you just want to help and learn a new sport in the process, HERO USA may be a great organization for you.

Contact us below to inquire more about HERO USA or to learn about our network of Awesome Volunteers!