Commercial Operators

Paddle Sports Programming Reservation Policy

Audience: Commercial Operators

Thank you for your interest in offering supplemental paddle sports programming in the downtown Scioto pool. HERO USA is the approved non-motorized rental operation on Columbus’s downtown riverfront in the Nationwide Lower Olentangy Boat Launch/Parkland operations area, pursuant to its contract with the City of Columbus under City Code 913.02.

HERO USA is excited to work with community partners in promoting Columbus as an eco-tourism travel destination to paddle along the Scioto Mile. More importantly, HERO USA is eager to work with its community partners, including other operators, to provide a safe paddle environment for the community to enjoy.

Any paddle sports commercial operator wanting to conduct activity in HERO USA's operation area must submit a "Paddle Sports Programming Reservation Request" for the sole purpose of hosting a skills development and/or paddle craft safety education courses for it's patrons.

The following is a checklist of the requirements to obtain a reservation to offer supplemental courses within HERO USA’s defined concessions area.

  1. Operator must be or provide 1 or more certified instructors as recognized by one of the national certification organizations. Operator must provide proof of valid certification(s) with HERO USA at the time of the reservation request. All certifications must be for the specific discipline of the proposed course to be offered.
  2. Operator must maintain a liability insurance policy valid up to the date of the proposed paddle craft safety education course or beyond in the amount of at least one million ($1,000,000) covering bodily injury and property damage. HERO USA, Inc. shall be named as additional insured on such policy. Proof of this insurance policy must be submitted with each reservation request.
  3. Operator must submit skill development outline, float plan and risk management plan with each reservation request.
  4. Operator must maintain the proper student to instructor ratios as defined by their certification guidelines at all times during course. At no point will the students be left unattended on the water.
  5. Proposed courses must not interfere with any HERO USA activities. You can view our schedule on our online calendar.
  6. Each reservation request is valid for one(1) course. If operator wishes to conduct multiple courses in a given day, each course must request a separate reservation.
  7. Reservations must be submitted a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the proposed course date.
  8. If commercial operator intends to use Lower Olentangy Boat Launch as an exit point, applicant must obtain permit from the City of Columbus.
  9. Inclement weather policy: Please include one rain date with your reservation and we will try to honor that request. HERO USA reserves the right to cancel any and all programs based on inclement weather and/or unsafe water conditions. Processing fees are non-refundable.
  10. Cancellation policy: HERO USA reserves the right to cancel any program with at least 72 hour notice due to unsafe operator practices. Processing fees are non-refundable.
  11. Applicant must pay a processing fee of $5 per paddle craft.
  12. Operator must follow all policies and procedures of HERO USA’s Paddle Sports Programming Reservation Agreement.