Linzee Vito

Hero USA

Linzee is a fitness influencer and has found her passion in the fitness industry competition in National Physique Competitions. Growing up in Central Ohio, Vito was involved in snowboarding, swimming, pole vaulting, gymnastics and cheerleading. She attended John Carroll University in the Cleveland, Ohio area where she received a varsity letter in track and field and cheerleading and also was the captain of her cheerleading squad. After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Communications she moved to Salt Lake City and received her Master of Arts in Teaching degree specializing in Education.

Shortly after she graduated Linzee moved to Los Angeles to pursue an opportunity to work in Hollywood on several television shows. Vito soon discovered that she was missing that drive and passion that she found from being involved in sports for so many years.

Vito was looking for something that would not just be physically challenging, but also mentally challenging. It wasn't until she moved to Colorado and made the switch from working in the television industry to the fitness world full time that she found her path in life. It was at this time that she began training for her first fitness contest. Her determination, hard-nosed work ethic and desire to do her best awarded her with 3 medals in her very first show as well as a 1st place in her respected division. In fact, she has taken first place in her division in every contest since!

Vito is now fulfilling her love for working out as a personal trainer and helping others understand the importance of health and wellness.

Columbus, OH